Coapt's trusted technology evolved for the next generation of prosthesis control

What is Gen2?

Coapt Gen2 is the latest upgrade to our COMPLETE CONTROL product line. Influenced by feedback from clinical experiences and real world users a new suite of features has come to Coapt.

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New features


Control Coach™

A powerful A.I. companion that supervises and notifies; helping users continuously improve while they wear and use their prosthesis.


Adaptive Advance™

Adding smarts to the smarts; allowing users’ new muscle signal patterns to adapt their control system continuously.


New Calibration Tools

Single Motion Fixing: Quickly address one challenging motion without needing to re-calibrate everything.

Calibration Undos: Take a safe step back if a new calibration wasn’t as expected.

Calibration Restore Points: Save and recall favorite times of great control.


Evolved Technology

Efficient: 60% less power demand

Smaller: Slim and conformable design

Adaptable: Compatible with even more prosthetic components than before

Plus all of the Gen1 features you know and love

Directly control prosthesis motions without cumbersome and non-intuitive co-contractions or impulse switching.

No activation thresholds required. Full range of contraction strength will map to ideal speed control.

Much less need for isolated signals or precise electrode placements. This means freedom to place electrodes for fit and comfort, and forgiveness in donning.

Many changes in fit, skin condition, fatigue, and more can be fixed with the sub-minute calibration routine.

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